In the fall of 2013 a colleague approached Frank Yanez with an opportunity. He needed a market study for EB-5 funding purposes, and thought Frank'¬ôs business knowledge and experience would lend a unique voice to the study. Frank approached his team, and together we worked to create Venture Feasibility, LLC.

After following a template to create the first market study, we knew something had to change. We met with our first client and let him know that we would be rewriting the study, and we would not be following any template. We wanted to give him something better, and he wanted something superior to what he had worked with in the past. We committed ourselves to high-quality writing, and a study that did not simply report facts, but instead analyzed multiple indicators of sustainability in the market and painted a complete picture of the proposed project.

After several months of exhaustive rewrites, brainstorming, and collaboration with our client we produced our first market study. Since that first study, we have worked to create a better study with each project. We are expanding our services to include financial feasibility reports, business plans, site selection reports, and anything else our clients need. We have created a unique feasibility rating system specifically for charter school projects, and we have completed reports for projects across the nation.

Venture Feasibility, LLC aims to create a new standard for feasibility reporting by providing the best studies on the market.




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